Have you ever painted a patio umbrella? It’s crazy easy and the effect is so pretty, because the pattern shows through underneath when the sun shines! We thought this project would take forever but we were really only painting for about an hour. Let’s do it!


  • plain patio umbrella and stand: this one from AllModern is perfect and really affordable (we got the umbrella in white and the base and pole in champagne)
  • latex paint in a few of your favorite shades
  • 2″ paint brush
  • drop cloth

Make Time: 2 Hours (Plus Drying Time)

Step 1: Lay out your drop cloth, extend and lock your umbrella, and lay the umbrella down on the cloth.

Step 2: Choose your main paint color for the umbrella. Using this color, dip the paintbrush and paint horizontal strokes across one section of the umbrella. The strokes can be as long or short as you like them; ours varied from about 3″ to 8″. Leave the edges with a brushy, unfinished feel. Leave a few empty holes here and there in the pattern so that you can go back and fill in other colors.

Step 3: Continue in the same manner with your first color around all sections of the umbrella.

Step 4: Once the main color is done, repeat the process with your accent colors. We decided to do about 1-3 swashes of the accent color on each section of the umbrella, just to make sure that they were evenly spread around.

Step 5: Continue until all of the blank holes are filled in. Leave your umbrella to dry for a couple of hours until all paint is fully cured.

via lovelyindeed