We’ve all been there: we reach for a necklace, only to be met with a tangled mess that feels impossible to de-tangle. So why not hang your jewelry instead? We decided to turn an ordinary branch (found at a whopping price of $0 in our local forest) into a hanging jewelry display so that you can display those beautiful necklaces you’ve been making!

What You’ll Need:
– medium/long sized branch (your preference)
– cup hooks
– thin-sized drill bits
– power drill
– 3-4 different colors of embroidery floss
– scissors
– sharpie marker
– pliers
– strong fishing line (also known as monofilament)

Step 1. Use a sharpie and mark where you’re going to insert your cup hooks

Step 2. Using the power drill, carefully drill the holes for your cup hooks

Step 3. Using the pliers, screw in the hooks

Step 4. Wrap your embroidery floss around the wood. We chose colors that reminded us of the summer and decided to wrap in different thicknesses with no particular order. Tie them off in the back where you won’t see the knots.

Step 5. Take your fishing line and loop it on each end of the branch. Take a thin nail and hang the excess string in the middle. We chose to use clear string because we liked the illusion of the branch just floating against the wall, but you can use twine or a pretty ribbon instead!

Step 6. Hang all your pretty necklaces and bracelets on your new jewelry display!

via forthemakers