Hanging copper racks aren’t exactly new but we recently created a layered one in a triangle shape and we thought it would be worth sharing with you. As lovers of symmetry we can’t help but be drawn to the shape,  and the best thing about this rack is that it looks a lot harder to make than it actually is! And did we mention it costs $10 in total to make? Read on to see how.

You need:

  • Two lengths of copper pipe (ours were 1.2 m and 60 cm – 1.4 yards and 0.7 yards)
  • Rope

How to:

1. Cut your rope to size, we used about 5 metres (5.5 yards) for this. Then, thread it through your longer piece of pipe until the pipe sits roughly in the middle of the rope. Then, thread the smaller piece of pipe onto the rope at one end.

2. You then want to add the other end of the rope through that same small piece of pipe so that the smaller piece of pipe has two lengths of rope going through it in different directions. We added a chop stick to the second end of rope to get it through past the first piece of rope.

3. Feed the rope through the other end of the shorter pipe.

4. Connect the two pieces of rope at the top to form a triangle.

Hang it and away you go!

 via apairandasparediy