Are y’all into the concrete trend right now? We share a fun DIY Concrete Stool with inexpensive materials from local home improvement store for just $5. The concrete stool itself is pretty easy to make with just a few simple steps. Since the stool is a sleek modern design, we add bright neon colors to complete the look of this project. The stool can be used for sitting on outside or as an outdoor planter.

5 gallon bucket
Quikrete 5000 concrete mix
Water hose
Wooden legs (1 – 6 foot x 1 1/4 inch dowel rod cut into 3 – 18 inches pieces)
Patio Paint (used neon yellow and pink)
Paint brushes
Painters tape


First, start by placing approximately 3 inches of ready-to-use concrete mix into a 5 gallon bucket.

Next, use a water hose to spray water onto the concrete. You want a wet mix but not too wet to where the concrete is loose. Stir the concrete using a piece of scrap wood.

Finally, place the 3 wooded legs 1 1/2 inches past the surface of the concrete and let the legs rest against the sides of the bucket. Tap on the bucket several times to release any air bubbles. You will have some air bubbles that will float to what will be the bottom of the stool. Air bubbles are just unavoidable. Let the concrete set until complete hardened and dry. After approximately 20 hours of drying time, bend the sides of the bucket in each direction to loosen the concrete from the bucket, then pull the stool out by the legs.

Now, comes the fun part! Since the DIY concrete stool is modern in design, we choose patio paint in neon yellow and pink. It can be used on concrete, wood and other surfaces. Start by painting the outside rim of the concrete base with one coat of Patio Paint in neon pink. We left the top unpainted because we wanted to be able to see some of the raw concrete.

Next, use painters tape to tape the legs of the stool. We went 6 inches from the bottom of each leg, leaving some of the raw wood showing. Then paint the bottom of the legs using two coats the Patio Paint in neon yellow. Once the paint is dry, the stool is complete!

We just love how this DIY Concrete Stool turned out! It is very modern and bright.

via hometalk