The accessories with eyes are a must of this season, make this cute eye bracelet DIY with following easy steps.

You will need:

  • cheap beads
  • thread and cord
  • magnetic clasp
  • scissors
  • glue
  • needle and thread


1) Cut 25 cms of cord

2) Fold in a half and start to sew like in the picture

3) Sew the beads like in the picture. First, make a line with 1 bead, after, a line of two beads, a line of 3 beads and a line of 4 beads

4) For make the eye, you will need 1 big dark bead,and then repeat the last step but contrariwise

5) Make 2 or 3 eyes

6) Cut the excess

7) Paste the magnetic clasp

And this is the finished beaded bracelet with eyes! It’s very easy and you don’t need more than 20 minutes for make the eye bracelet.

via  pandahall