July fourth is coming up this weekend! How are you going to celebrate this summer holiday? If you’re looking for a really easy and fun Fourth of July themed craft for younger kids, then today’s post is perfect for you. We’re making patriotic paper plate purses! Kids of all ages can easily make and then wear these red, white, and blue purses to help celebrate this special holiday.

 Ready to get crafting? Let’s get started!

What You Need

  • Paper plates
  • Scissors
  • Pencil
  • Paint (I used red, white, and blue acrylic paint)
  • Paint brush
  • String
  • Stapler
  • Hole punch

How To

Step 1
Fold your paper plate in half. Then, cut it in half. Now you have the front and back of your paper plate purse!

Step 2
Use a pencil to lightly sketch out your design. Then, paint patriotic red, white, and blue designs to your paper plates. (I only painted designs on the front of the purses, but you can paint both sides if you want.)

Step 3
Once your paint completely dries, staple your two paper plate halves together. Make sure to leave an opening on top!

Step 4
Use your hole puncher to punch a hole on both sides of your paper plate purse.

Step 5
To create a strap, cut a piece of string and then tie both ends to your paper plate purse.

Tada! You’re done! These are so easy and fun to make, you’ll soon have a whole bunch of patriotic purses ready to go. Now your child has a cute purse to wear to the weekend parades, grill outs, parties, and firework celebrations. What a fun and crafty way to celebrate the fourth of July as a family!

Happy July 4th, and happy making, friends!

via  handmadecharlotte