Homemade Pallet Furniture Designs have taken the world by storm, there is not one thing in your backyard that wooden pallets can`t cover along with a creative mind. Whether we talk about storage units, raised planting beds, coffee tables or lounge tables; wooden pallets are the way to go if you are looking for a memorable crafting experience. Gather your friends and family and invite them to join your DIY wooden pallet furniture project, you can even challenge them to a contest, it can work even better.

1) Create a Shelf Out of Wooden Pallets

2) Materialize a Scandinavian Design Wooden Pallet Buffet

3) Simple Outdoor Armchair 

4) Hairpin Legs on a Wooden Pallet Coffee Table

5) Wooden Pallet Shelf 

6) Simple Pallet Coffee Table

7) Colorful Adirondack Outdoor Chair 

8) Small Pallet Side table / Nightstand 

9) Pallet Lounge Chair

10) Outdoor Garden Bar 

11) Simple Rustic Shelf In The Kitchen

12) Bathroom Towel Organizer 

13) Vintage Armchair Wearing The American Flag

14) Simple Wine Shelf From Pallet Wood

15) Simple Wooden Pallet Shoe Tray 

16) Personalized Dog Tray 

17) Raised Bowl Stand For Your Pet 

18) Wine Rack From Wooden Pallets Painted White

19) Small Upholstered Ottoman 

20) Pallet Shelving Ideas 

21) Coffee Table Made With a Wooden Pallet

22) Coat-holder Wooden Pallet 

via  homesthetics