Clothes wear out – whether you like it or not. We all go through the same thing. contrary to popular belief, a scuff, tear, or stain is not the end for a piece of clothing. Whether it’s a sweater, leather boots, tights, or anything else, you can usually give it a new lease on life with a simple repair. The environment will thank you for keeping usable clothes out of the landfill. These tips are easy to follow. The tools you’ll need are available at your own closet or drawer. So browse through!

1. Safely iron sweaters and other delicates

It’s so frustrating when your favorite sweater is wrinkly and you know you can’t iron it.

2. Make your own wrinkle-release spray

With a clever blend of vinegar, water, and hair conditioner, this homemade wrinkle release spray will help you quickly remove stubborn wrinkles without washing.

3. A toothbrush dipped in vinegar removes water stains from leather boots

Again, just start gently brushing the stained area until the damage is repaired.  This tip is good for water/snow marks, as well as salt stains!

4. Use a nail file to remove dirt from suede

Just start buffing away!

5. Repair leather with lotion

This works especially well for leather shoes, but we’ve seen people give leather bags and even jackets a fresh shine with lotion.

6. Swab on petroleum jelly to repair scuffed patent leather

Dip a q-tip or cotton ball in petroleum jelly and apply to the scuffed area.

7. Revitalize patent leather’s shine with glass cleaner

One case where “put some Windex on it” is actually accurate.

8. Remove armpit discoloration with lemon juice or baking soda

Mix lemon juice and water and scrub at those discolored armpit stains. For really tough stains, make a paste out of baking soda and water, and scrub it into the stain. Let it sit for a few minutes, and then throw the garment in the wash as normal.

9. Lipstick stains bow before hairspray

We’ve all been there – even guys get lipstick marks on their clothes from girls .  The good news is, there’s an easy way to remove those colorful marks with hairspray.

10. Shaving cream kills foundation stains

A lot of girls get unsightly foundation stains around the collar of shirts, from taking shirts off before you’ve washed your face. We always seem to also get foundation on ourselves when we ‘re applying it. (And we’ve known girls to quite literally rub off on guys, leaving brownish foundation smudges from cuddling.) However it got there, you can easily remove these stains.

11. Freeze chewing gum off your jeans

12. Dishwashing liquid removes grease from clothing

Dishwashing liquid is actually gentle enough to use on your clothes.  Look at tip 18 for the details.

13. Use clear nail polish to stop a run in your tights

If you apply just a dot of clear nail polish before the run really gets going, you can get at least a couple more wears out of a pair of tights.

14. Fix a snagged sweater by hand

It’s actually really easy – as long as no threads are broken, you can pull the snag into place with this technique.

15. Paint clear nail polish over a button that’s threatening to come undone

At some point, you should probably learn how to sew on a button. But in the meantime, a dot of clear nail polish will get you through.

16. Cover an underwire that’s poking out

You can use moleskin if you have it, but even using a normal bandaid can give you some relief, and allow you to keep wearing the bra.

17. Fix a broken drawstring

 This easy technique can help you fish the string back out.

18. Tighten up sunglasses with clear nail polish

If you don’t have one of those tiny screwdrivers to fix your sunglasses, you can dab a bit of clear nail polish on to keep them functional.

19. Fix a sticky zipper with wax or petroleum jelly

Just dab a little bit on the sticky area with a q-tip or cotton ball, and the zipper should slide more easily.

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