We all get it, weddings are supposed to be a special occasion, everyone gets dressed up and it’s a party chalk full of love and class. But does it really have to cost as much as a gala thrown by the Queen? It seems that wedding gifts have become more and more expensive. Why not give something that’s a bit more meaningful, handmade, and shows that you care just as much as a triple-digit price tag? Here are some simple but awesome gift ideas that won’t force you into bankruptcy protection!

1. Dinner-in-a-box

Add in some fancy pasta sauces and some wine, and wrap the whole thing in a pot! Welcome to married life, friends.

2. Song Lyric Art

Find some romantic song that sounds like them and make a beautiful poster from it! Bonus points if you can figure out what “their” song is!

3. Custom Tea Towels

A great way to add some brilliant color and patterns to a new home!

4. Monogrammed Cutting Board

Cutting boards are an essential staple for any newly-married couple (and any household, to be honest). Add some flair by finding a service that can step up your gift to the next level through monogramming!

5. Embroidered Recipe Book

Find some classic recipes that the couple loves. What’d they eat as kids? Where was their favorite date joint? Lock them all up together in this neatly bound recipe book!

6. Mr and Mrs. Wine Glasses

7. Framed Invitation

Set it against either a clean white or light accented colors.

8. A Map of Memories

Take down all the places important to them and plot them onto a map!

9. Rolling Bar

A classy and convenient way to make sure your night is fun and carefree.

10. Personalized Hangers

Honestly, this is just a very cool and unique gift. Who else can say they have something like this??

11. Scrabble Names

Scrabble pieces are pretty cheap online, and this is a unique little gift to have around the house!

12. Blackboard Glasses

Glasses that have bottoms you can write on!

13. Wool Blanket

If you know how to knit (or are willing to try), this is a must-do. It’s a perfect way to say “I love you guys.” Anyone who’s tried knitting will love you forever for your efforts.

14. Canvas Portrait

 Take a classic vintage poster of the lovely couple and post it over a nice canvas.

15. Plants

Sorry to say this, but flowers die. Instead, give them something that the both of them can take care of together!

16. Heart String Art

A beautiful gift that’s actually a lot easier to make than you think!

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