Looking for awesome ways to use your pill bottles? If they’re just lying around, put them to good use. Do a little upcycling with your empty pill bottles. So what to do with them? Well, DIY craft projects of course. From organizing to decoration, you’ll be surprised at what awesome things you can do.

1. Button Organization

2. Concealed Key Storage

3. Pill Bottle Survival Kit

4. Moisturizer/Shampoo or Conditioner Container

5. Pill Bottle Fire Starters

6. DIY Rainbow Crayons

7. Pill Bottle Cookies

8. Pill Bottle Light Garland

9. Laundry Detergent Saver

10. Hair Clip Organizer

11. DIY Makeup Board

12. Quarter Storage

13. DIY Jewelry

14. DIY Treasure Boxes

15. Faux Bamboo Vase

via diyready