Mason jars rose to popularity because of how well it keep preserved food. From jams, jellies and even pickles, mason jars have been the go-to containers of farmers for more than a century. But these sturdy, classic and transparent glasses have become more than just cans for preserved food. Nowadays, the versatile mason jar has evolved and found other uses. With a little bit of creativity and a skill in DIY, you could easily transform these jars into something decorative and practical for your home.

As Decorations

1. Pendant Lights

If you want to turn your home into something more rustic, get a couple of mason jars and turn it into hanging lights. This idea could be great for your dining area and even in your backyard.

2. Flower vase

There’s nothing that speaks shabby chic more than your mason jar used as a container for the fresh blooms from your garden. The height of the jars is also perfect to use it as a centerpiece for any rustic-themed wedding or party without blocking your guests’ view.

3. DIY Oil Lamp

Mason jars are the best candidate to make your DIY oil lamp with because of its lid. The tight way it screws up prevents accidental oil spills that could be a danger to any home.

4. Decorative Jars

Don’t have any flowers to stow? No worries, mason jars are classic-looking enough that it in itself could be used for decoration. Simply add color to the jar with metallic or glitter paint and confidently add to your mantle or dining area for that touch of country in your home.

5. Homemade Scented Candles

Creating your own candles with the use of a mason jar is another innovative way to repurpose the famous container. If you prefer to purchase your candles than make one yourself, the mason jar is still a great idea to keep your candles in. You could add water up to halfway the jar so the candle would float inside. Otherwise, simply place the candles inside the jar and use it as a decorative lighting for your parties and intimate dinners.

6. Terrarium

Having terrarium succulents inside your home is a great idea to bring in the outdoors. These planters are the solution to people who want to place decorative plants at home with less the hassle of watering it and putting it out under the sunlight. Succulents are designed to have minimal water and sunlight requirement. Make numerous mason jar terrariums and place it in your living room table, coffee table, etc. for a touch of green at home.

As A Kitchen Organizer And Cookware

7. Spice Containers

Mason jars are a quirky way to store the variety of spices in your kitchen. The tight lid ensures that they remain fresh even after a long time.

8. Coffee and Mocktail Glass

If you’re tired of drinking your coffee in the same old boring mug, use a mason jar instead. The thick glass keeps your drink hot without burning your skin (unless it’s boiling water). You could also serve punches, juices and mocktails to your guests with these jars for a hipster touch.

9. Overnight Oats Container

If you want a healthy breakfast straight out of the refrigerator then try this quick way to prepare oats with the use of mason jars. Pour oats halfway into the jar, add fruits of your choice and pour milk. Stick it in the fridge for at least 8 hours. You’d have a hearty breakfast in no time.

10. No-bake cheesecake container

Pour and flatten graham crackers in your mason jar then fill it up with cream cheese filling that has been prepared in advance. Top it with your favorite fruit and keep it in the chiller or crisper for at least 4 hours before eating.

11. Pizza In A Jar

Place a small portion of freshly made or store bought dough in the mason jar, top it with tomato sauce, mozzarella and topping of your choice and place in the oven to bake. Make sure that the jar is in a baking dish filled with water before you place it in the oven. Bake for about 15-20 minutes in 375 degrees.

As a Home Organizer

12. Sewing Kit

Place you thread, buttons and needles inside the mason jar. Replace the lid with a cushion to act as pin cushion when sewing.

13. Pens and School Supplies Holder

Mason jar is a cute way to organize your pens and pencils at home.

14. Makeup Brush Holder

Aside from pens, the mason jar could also act as a makeup brush storage to keep things organized whenever you put your makeup on.

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