Do you know that even the old stuff kept in your store room can be used smartly? These life hacks are pretty useful and will save your extra expenses, time, and, of course, your pile of garbage will turn into something creative and useful. We are presenting some easy DIY hacks that will surely help you to solve the common problems you face every day. They will make your life much simpler and happier!

1. Clever use of trashed plastic bottles.

2. You can make DIY water color paint from the waste dried markers.

3. Reuse the empty cartoon of juice or milk.

4. Use empty tissue boxes to store poly bags.

5. Make a DIY rainbow rose gift in just few easy steps.

6. Lock you zipper with the small key chain ring.

7. Use hair straightener to iron your shirt collar.

8. Use an egg tray to cool down your laptop.

9. Toothpaste can be the best cleanser for the hazy headlights of your car.

10. Attach tape to the container to easily take out powdered stuff from it.

11. Use old door knobs for hanging towels in the bathrooms.

12. You can use an old, unused drawer to make a creative shelf to decorate your living room.

13. Secure your doorknobs with hairbands.

14. Use color nail polish to secure the screw of your eyeglasses.

via wittyfeed