You know those bananas you’ve had sitting on your kitchen counter for a week glaring at you while you’ve been watching them slowly turn browner and browner every morning, and yet you keep reminding yourself that you need to make something out of them, but you never do until those bananas can’t sit there in their brown misery any longer? So, you finally decide to make banana bread, but, OH WAIT, YOU’RE MISSING HALF THE INGREDIENTS. Don’t you worry, though. This list of DIY ingredients will make you a magician in the kitchen. So much so that you’ll never have to step foot outside of your home again to find the products you’re missing.

1. Need cornmeal but only have popcorn kernels? No problem.

2. Need self-rising flour but have none? Make it with regular flour, salt and baking powder.

3. Need baking powder but don’t have any? Mix baking soda with cream of tartar!

4. Need buttermilk but only have milk? Put some lemon in it and you’re set!

5. Need baking chocolate? If you’ve got cocoa powder and sugar, you don’t need baking chocolate!

6. If you need an egg for breads and batters, replace it with half a banana!

7. Need butter, oil or margarine but don’t feel like a fatty dessert? Replace it with unsweetened applesauce!

8. Need condensed milk but have none? Use milk and sugar and make some in a dash!

9. Need cake flour? Make some of your own with regular flour and cornstarch!

10. Need brown sugar? Whip some up with white sugar and molasses!

11. Need some decorative and colorful sugar? Make your own with sugar and food coloring!

12. Need corn syrup? Mix white sugar and water to make a simple syrup substitute.

13. Need pumpkin pie spice for your addiction? Make your own using ground cinnamon, ginger, allspice, nutmeg and cloves.

via  diply