No matter the season, greenhouses are a gorgeous backyard addition.

Blue and Bold

Since there’s probably a lot of greenery in your backyard, choosing a bright blue color is the perfect way to make a greenhouse stand out.

Geo-Dome Greenhouse

If you’re looking for a more temporary or seasonal greenhouse, why not at least choose one that will stand out in your backyard? This lightweight structure is made from wood, with a plastic covering over the openings.

Barn Greenhouse

From its colorful front door to its arched roof, this barn-style greenhouse is one after our own hearts. In addition to being completely charming, this design gives the interior additional headroom.

Mini Picture Frame Terrarium

This budget-friendly mini greenhouse puts your old window frames to good use in order to control the temperature of your florals. Leave it indoors where it can double as beautiful decor.

Repurposed Trampoline

Looking for a way to reuse your kids’ old toys? This trampoline was transformed from one backyard accessory into a completely new (and amazing!) greenhouse structure.

Hoop Greenhouse

Use a plastic or metal hoop structure (PVC pipe works perfectly) to create a dome structure. Cover it in clear plastic for an affordable backyard greenhouse.

Smart Snow Solution

If you live in a snowy area, build a raised greenhouse (this one sits on a hand-built table) to shelter your plants all year long. Since this option is made out of old windows, it’s easy to decorate with glass paints.

Flower Bed Greenhouse

While these cute greenhouses don’t come with a tutorial, we’re getting so much inspiration just by looking at them. Unlike the other repurposed window greenhouses we’ve seen, they use flower beds as bases.

Mason Jar Greenhouse Trick

If you’re looking to root plants, it’s important to retain moisture and control the temperature. Mason jars provide a quick solution for getting a greenhouse-like effect.

Modern and Colorful

When this couple built their own greenhouse out of recycled materials, they set out to mimic the architectural details of their 1940s home. The real gem here, in our opinion, is the sliding red door.

Mini Hoop House

Similar to the hoop greenhouse, this mini version is made using PVC pipe and plastic covering. Though instead of creating an entire free-standing structure, this one can be built above the raised flower beds where your seedlings are already planted.

Repurposed CD Cases

This little greenhouse is made from 40 upcycled CD cases that are hinged together. In addition to being quite the conversation piece, it’s a great spot for getting an early start on planting seedlings.

via  countryliving