Does your dog need a new bed but you are tired of the same old doughnut- or rectangular-shaped dog beds in the same boring colors? Then it’s time to try your hand at making a dog bed yourself! Get started by looking at some of these amazing DIY dog bed designs. Most even have instructions!

1) End Table Dog Bed

An amazing unique dog bed that you can tailor to fit your décor.

2) Bed & Closet In One

This is an amazing bed for the pup with a wardrobe.

3) Privacy Crate

This creative crate-type bed is perfect for the dog that likes a private den. This crafter made it from an old TV stand.

4) Simple Elevated Dog Bed

Like those elevated dog beds but don’t like the color choices or sizes available? Make your own!

5) Ikea Dog

This smart lady takes an Ikea doll bed and turns it into an adorable bed for her dog!

6) Envelope Bed

Have a dog that loves to snuggle? Then this amazing dog bed is for you!

7) Raised Dog Bed

A dog bed that’s fairly easy to make – you will need to know how to saw and nail wood together – but it’s inexpensive compared to buying one already built. And you can choose the colors and size!

8) Pallet Dog Bed

9) Wine Barrel Bed

This is a fun and trendy dog bed that can tie into a lot of different décor styles.  You could even paint it white for a “shabby chic” look!

10) Tire Bed

This just might be the cutest bed yet…especially since it’s PINK! But, you could paint yours any color – or leave it black, that’s the beauty of DIY. This project is in expensive and easy.

11) Doggy Bunk Bed

This amazing bed may take some work, and you will need to be handy with tools, but the result is amazing!

12) Sled Bed
This amazingly cool vintage sled bed will definitely be a statement piece in your house – much better than a boring doughnut or rectangle dog bed!

via  iheartdogs