With the upcycling revolution, folks are turning their otherwise useless junk into something functional for the home. Practically anything that you would normally toss or recycle can be reused for a bigger and better purpose. Everyone has a chair or two lying around, but we guarantee not everyone has a chair or two like these upcycled ones. Check them out and let us know which ones are your favorites—or what you would make chairs out of.

Hockey Stick Chair

What’s a better way to watch a hockey game than sitting on hockey sticks?

Beer Can Chair

Clean up all of those empty beer cans and turn them into your next chair

Magazines Stool

Who doesn’t have a million magazines hidden around the house? And for some reason, nobody ever wants to get rid of thm, despite their dust-collecting capabilities. But now you have an excuse not to part with your magazine collection…

Newspaper Stools

If you just happen to be one of those people who digs old newspapers over magazines, you can also clean up your collection a bit by turning them into newspaper stools.

Egg Carton Stools

Want a trendy stool for your kitchen? Egg cartons should do the trick.

Trash Chair

If you really want to impress the hardcore environmentalists, then try building your own chair of literally nothing but junk. Seriously, we’re talking trash here. It may not look like the best thing in the world, but I bet it’s comfortable.

K’Nex Chair

Awaken your inner child with this chair made of K’Nex. This would be a great project for both you and your kids. And I bet it’s way more comfortable than a chair out of LEGOs.

Suitcase Seats

Want your DIY chair to have a nostalgic look? Try making them out of vintage suitcases. If they’re old suitcases you already have, it makes it extra special, because it’s like a walk (sit?) down memory lane every time.

Tree Limb Lounger

A lot of chairs are made of wood, but usually it’s a little less rustic than these homemade twig chairs. There is nothing cheaper and more DIY than using those fallen tree branches lining your lawn. This chair would probably go great in your garden.

Moss Chair

Think your stick chair will stand out too much in your garden? Try turning one of you junk chairs around your house into a moss chair. It will blend is so well, you won’t even be able to see it.

via  macgyverisms.wonderhowto