Bibliophiles just know all too well the struggle of letting go books. While it’s always a good idea to donate old and unneeded books to libraries and schools to be able to fully maximize them, there remain a few volumes that are just too difficult to let go of. However, if your bookshelves are looking too cramped, then it might be time to place these books in strategic places around the house in a totally different way. Check out these DIY ideas on how to recycle old books into new treasures.

Wall Clock

If you’re looking for a “literary” way to tell the time, then an upcycled book wall clock is the answer. This project goes well with books that are thick and have a colorful cover as it would serves as the clock’s face. Of course, this project is not advisable to be done on your favorite book, as this would render it unreadable and destroyed. You could however, also opt to just buy an old book from the thrift store so that it wouldn’t be too painful for you too recycle it.

Storage Bin

Looking for a really funky way to hide old letters or store used receipts and printed photos, then a storage box made from an old hardcover book is your best bet. Simply find a book that is the thickness that you like and make sure that it is hardcover to give it full support. You may still opt to use a paperback edition but the feel and sturdiness would not be the same. Glue the edge of the pages together, leaving the first page unglued. Carve out the middle of the book with a cutter to create a whole and use it as the storage area. Simply close the book, return to bookshelf and no one is the wiser.


Talk about an “Inception” version of books – a storage shelf made from books to store more books (or other stuff) on. Because it would need to support a heavy weight, again, the best kind of book to use here are the hard covered ones. Purchase an “L” bracket and screw it on the wall with the measurements based from the largest and widest book you plan to mount. Make sure that you seal the book through the wall with a very sticky adhesive so that the support it gives is sturdy.

Recycled Journal

Been looking for the most unique journal or notebook you could ever find? Then why not create one on your own with your favorite book as the cover. Choose which hard cover edition book you’d like to transform into a journal and simply glue fresh paper on top of the written pages and you’d have a new notebook that could rival Jane Austen’s.

Chic Purse

If you want to take your favorite literary title with you everywhere you go, then try and make a clutch or purse from its covers. Not only will you be the fashion envy of your friends, but you’re also breathing new life into these old books to give it a new sense of purpose.

IPhone Dock

Your old books could also serve as a dock and placement holders for your small handheld devices with just a few touches and cuts. This is a really cool alternative to the expensive speakers and docks that are now out in the market.

Decorative Wall

If you really happen to have a lot of books that you are willing to be recycled, another idea to repurpose it is to create a decorative book wall. Instead of mounting a painting or photo, add creativity to your home with stacks of books from floor to ceiling for that “literary” touch.

E-book Device Cover

Finding it hard to trade your hardcovers for an e-book reader? Why not merge both! Take the covers of your book and use it as a DIY purse for your device for that traditional look to a modern gadget.

Planters for Succulents

Add a touch of green into your home and books by turning it into succulent planters.

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