We are sure that all of you have a lot magazines at home that only collect your dust at home. Maybe there are some important info on them but as we know from our experience most of the magazines are only for collection dust at home. For this reason we want to impress you with creative and useful ways how to reuse your old magazines and create something special and unique from them. For home decoration, for storage or even for everyday use that are cool projects useful for all. Just take a look below and pick up your favorite.

1.Magazine Envelopes

2.Upcycle Old Magazines Into Wall Art

3.Handmade Coasters Made From Recycled Magazines

4.Weave them into baskets

5.Comic Book Shoes – DIY Tutorial

6.DIY: Quotes on Canvas

7.Roll strips of magazines to create art work

8.Recycled Magazine Clock

9.Make a Gift Bag Out of a Catalog or Magazine

10.DIY Paper Butterflies

11.Junk Mail Starburst Clock

12.Confetti Magazine Bowl

13.Recycled Magazine Mirror Frame 

14.ReMake It! Paper Waste Basket

15.Newspaper Print Nail Art

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