When we were kids, at one point we all would have wanted to be or become a mermaid. All the movies and cartoons that had mermaids in it made us be charmed by their strength and beauty. Even if you have got over that fantasy long time ago you can still be chic making some mermaid inspired nails for yourself.

What you will need:
– turquoise nail polish
– royal blue and emerald green nail polish (preferably with glitter in them)
– sponge
– some fishnet
– small nail decorations that look like gems
– top coat
– acetone and q-tips to clean out the excess polish on skin

1. Start with applying one layer of turquoise nail polish on your nails and let them dry very well.
2. Take the sponge and apply the other polishes to it, the green and blue, because you will have to dab them over every nail. Before dabbing make sure you hold the fishnet over the nail.
3. Repeat for each and every nail, and soak the sponge with polish as many times you need.
4. Take the small decorations and apply them randomly here and there to give a much shinny effect to your nails.
5. Apply top coat over then let the polish dry very well.
6. Clean all the polish from the skin if there is any there and you are done with making mermaid nails.

via hairstyleswithdaan