The kimono jackets have been the trendiest piece in every fashion store last summer and will stay hot in 2015. These breezy vests with boho chic vibe look great with everything – from jeans shorts and t-shirts to pencil skirts and crop tops. You can even think of them as the summer version of a blazer – versatile and easy to mix & match! If you are searching for easy and creative DIY summer clothes ideas, you are at the right place. Get on the kimono craze and make a kimono jacket all by yourself! Find out how!

– Two rectangles of fabric, in size of your choice depending on the length of the kimono you want to have. Choose a lightweight fabric such as chiffon or silk. 40 by 55 inch
– Pins
– Needle and thread
– Fringes
– Fabric scissors


1. Cut in half the first piece of fabric.

2. Fold and pin an inch of fabric along the cut of the two rectangles.

3. Sew a smooth hem. (If your fabric is very thin, it is advisable to sew very close to the edge and make tight points).

4. Place the two small rectangles on the large rectangle of fabric, wrong side facing you. Sew along the top and sides, but don’t forget to leave approx. 10 inch holes for the arms.

5. If you want to jazz up your kimono jacket, you can add black fringes on both side seams.

Here is the result. No buttons and zippers – a breezy kimono style cardigan to match every outfit. Choose between floral or Aztec pattern to create different styles. This summer project is perfect for beginner sewers, as well.

And here are some ideas on how to wear a kimono jacket:

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