4th of July is one of our favorite holidays to decorate for. We used a fence post to make these Wooden Firecrackers, and with a little paint, and some rope, we added a little “sparkle” to the Front Porch.

The construction on the Wooden Firecrackers is not difficult, and with a few standard tools you can make your own. The Front Porch is ready for the holiday with the Wood Firecrackers and Shutter that we painted.


After the pieces are cut to size then using a 1 inch wood boring bit, drill out a hole about 1 1/4″ deep.

Then give them a good coat of white primer. We left them unsanded, because we wanted the Firecrackers to look rustic.

After taping off the sections, it’s time to paint, you may need several coats, let it dry in between coats.

The star stencil was added, then spray painted. Touch up using a small foam brush. We used the same spray paint, and just spray it into a container and then touched up around the edges, that way the color of the paint is the same.

After they dried, we added the rope wick and they are ready for the Front Porch.

via hometalk