This is a super simple DIY project you can make for your wedding, summer party, movie nights, or basically any event where you’ll be outdoors this summer! These fans are stylish, adorable, and pack a lot of power to cool you off during a sweltering heat wave!

First step is to gather your materials. You’ll need Popsicle sticks (make sure they’re at least .5 inches wide) and double sided tape on both sides. This is the handle for the fan. You’ll also need to make a template for the fan, or you can buy a fan that’s similar and take it apart to trace. You can trace the pattern onto plain card stock for the fans you want to cover with fabric. Use scrap-booking paper, or thicker patterned paper to make your other fans with.

PAPER FANS: First trace the pattern onto the scrapbooking paper you want to use. Then cut it out accordingly. When you’re all cut out you can fold the fan in half. Make sure to make a crisp seam where its folded so it doesn’t gap open. Then place your popsicle stick in the middle of the fan and press down firmly to stick. Remove the paper from the double stick tape on the popsicle stick and then press the fan to close.

FABRIC FANS: First trace the fan template onto a plain piece of card stock and cut it out. Then use spray adhesive to mount the fabric to the template. Make sure you smooth out the fabric once it’s stuck to the card stock. Cut off the extra fabric with a rotary cutter or super sharp scissors. When you’re done with that, repeat the same steps to fold and close the fan with the handle as you would in the paper fan steps. Next comes the fun part… SEWING!

Before Sewing…

After sewing!!! SO CUTE!

We wanted to add something extra to these neat-o fans so we stitched around the edges of both the fabric and the paper fans with pink thread. The sewn edges just add a little more whimsey to the fans and make them feel more important. We loved using the zig-zag stitch.

This is such a simple project, even the kiddos can help out with.  You can make them any type of theme or get creative by reusing any paperboard products (vintage report cards, cereal boxes, event posters, you name it)!  They would be a great addition to any themed get together!

via silverinthecity