You know those hot summer days when you’re outside lounging by the pool with a refreshing cold drink in your hand? The kind of day where the heat and sweat is so unbearable that you can’t even think about getting yourself out of the pool. By now, you’ve been relaxing in the pool for half an hour, you’ve finished your drink, and the heat has continued to make you thirsty. Instead of getting in and out of the pool repeatedly, it would be so much more convenient if the drinks were in the pool with you. Luckily, this trick can and will change your pool experience going forward.

All you need is a pool noodle, an inexpensive plastic container, and some waterproof nylon rope. It costs less than $5 and takes about half an hour to assemble. Trust me when I say, this will change your pool experience forever.

To start, you will need a cheap, medium sized plastic container.

Next, cut the pool noodle into four pieces. Two pieces should be long, for the longer sides of the container, and the other two pieces should be short, for the shorter sides.

Now, cut some waterproof nylon rope to be about the size of two full size noodles.

Put the rope through the noodle holes to merge all the pieces together.

Place your plastic container inside of the rectangular noodle and tie a knot on the two ends of the string.

Now comes the fun part. Fill the container with ice and your favorite beverages to enjoy in your pool.

Place the noodle boat in the water and you can use the extra nylon string to pull the cooler from afar.

Voila! You now have a floating cooler that cost you less than $5 to make, compared to store bought pool coolers that can cost up to $40.

Now, take a deep breath and relax. You deserve it!

via faithtap