A fun way for the summer, this DIY outdoor pallet shower is a great help when you want your spotless tiling to remain spotless. The shower uses reclaimed material and is easy to create.

The things you need:

  • Sturdy pallet
  • Planks for the frames
  • Sand box and foundation-blocks
  • Four post
  • Pipe clamps
  • Hammer/ screwdriver
  • Nails and screws
  • Curtains, rods, and hooks
  • And your garden pipe and shower head
How to make outdoor pallet shower?

1. Select a wooded area in your garden, set the sandbox (somewhat bigger than you pallet) with blocks in it and secure your pallet on them. Pour a little cement to jell in everything properly.

2. For the main structure, assemble the lower and upper frame. Screw or nail in the brackets for the curtain rods. Screw or nail the posts to the frames and add the curtain rod. Drill holes for the shower head and pipe securing point.

3. Stand this structure so that it caps the pallet. Screw in the shower head using pipe clamps and secure the pipe to one of the posts. Check if everything functions.

4. Hang the curtains on all sides and secure on three sides to avoid certain mishaps.

Note: The pallet you need for the base is the close-boarded winged type pallet to avoid getting your foot stuck in the cavities. The curtains should not be too heavy as the curtain rods will bend or flimsy as you will end up having the curtains plastered to you if there is a breeze.

via 99pallets