And with … … two and three and more, because in most houses there are plenty of doilies from grandma or mum. The good news is that the humble and old-fashion doily has made a big comeback, both in the craft world and in the realms of fashion and interior design.

There are three ways to whip those doilies out of the closet at last and put them to good use.

1. Sew them together to create beautiful edgings for tablecloths, curtains, hats lighting. Or simply stick on any surface and convert into clocks and very beautiful frames in retro style for old photos.

2. Use hardener fabrics (starch) or crafting glue and glue them onto any surface or mold (a bowl, a balloon etc.) to obtain the appropriate shape and turn them into very beautiful bowls, decorative vases, lamps and candlesticks.

3. Use them as a stencil onto any surface or press them onto constructions from clay or plaster before they dry and you will have the color or embossed imprint on all kinds of decorative objects / surfaces.

The doilies that have not glued can be washed like any fabric. Where glue is used, spend a protective spray to the surface, so that then can be cleaned with a damp cloth.

photos via pinterest