A few quick improvements can really transform your home’s curb appeal.

Mark Herbs
There’s a certain “secret garden” effect to stamped spoons and forks.

Corral Your Keys
Key rings can often be utilitarian, but these fun accessories bring antique style to your daily commute.

Don DIY Jewelry
A vintage spoon’s intricate details shouldn’t hide in a drawer. Bend the handle around your fingers to enjoy the designs all day long.

Prop Up Placecards
These pronged holders add a thoughtful touch to a dinner party that’s more quirky than formal.

Add Some Hooks
Every home could use a couple more places to hang incidentals. Trade plastic hooks for upcycled style with this neat project.

Change Out Cabinet Pulls
This cheeky DIY adds some country-chic style to your kitchen, but the all-silver look keeps it from turning too kitschy.

Hang Planters
Bent a few serving spoons for an inventive way to display spring blooms.

Read Recipes
Thiese creative cards holders are handy when you’re trying grandma’s recipes for the first time. And they look cute on your counter when you’re not cooking, too.

via goodhousekeeping