These DIYs are sure to bring a smile to your kids’ face and are made from everyday items.

Before: Side Table.
This honey-colored nightstand is a bit too boring for bedroom decor.

After: Patchwork Abode.
Flipped on their sides, drawers doctored up with patterned paper morph into something out of a picture book.

Before: Bookcase
A simple bookcase is the perfect blank canvas for planning a decked-out home for Barbie and her friends.

After: DIY Dreamhouse
This poppy pink house is bigger and better than what you might get at the toy store, and kids can change up the design as often as they want. Bonus: Barbie gets a roof deck!

Before: Shelving System
Started with a DIY kit of untreated wooden shelves, and added a rustic finish before building out the dollhouse frame.

After: Cute Cabin
The final design embraces a cozy, weathered look. Not every doll prefers super-glam style, after all.

Before: Suitcase
The curves of vintage luggage are too cute to hide in a closet.

After: Carry-On Cottage
Traveling with a toy chest isn’t often possible, so compromise with this compact house, complete with fabric backdrops that switch the “rooms” up in snap.

Before: Wall Shelf
This shelf used for displaying knick-knacks.

After: Playroom Mural
Placed over some smartly snipped wallpaper, a home for dolls magically appears. Plus, the set-up can easily store books when your kid gets older.

Before: Nested Boxes
A crate of bins that pack neatly together needs little storage space.

After: Stacked Style
But piled high, the boxes create a mega dollhouse that can look different each time your kids pull it out.

Before: Cabinet
A storage spot that mimics a medicine cabinet isn’t only suited for toiletries.

After: Hideaway Home
The small cupboard is inherently kiddie-sized, and doubles as easy storage for tiny dollhouse accessories.

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