Wood pallet projects are all the rage in the DIY world and have been for a little time now. Some pallet projects can be impressively elaborate, and the fact that most of the materials used (e.g., pallet boards) can be obtained for free makes the result all the more appealing. However, many of us don’t have time to devote days to a pallet project, free or not. Never fear, though! A bit of research has unearthed five fairly easy pallet board projects that, for all intents and purposes, can be completed in an afternoon.

Pallet Desk

Using a couple of pallets and some old table legs, this desk was created entirely for free in under 3 hours. (Of course, “for free” because the DIYers had some table legs sitting around; this would be an expense if you don’t have those resources at the ready.) This appears to be definitely an easy project, and what a fabulous way to upcycle a wood pallet AND end up with a functional working space. Not bad for an afternoon’s work!

Pallet Bookshelves

Literally taking a wood pallet (one that’s in good condition) and making a few cuts through the 2x4s will put you almost at the end of this bookshelf-making process. Although the sanding and priming will be done quickly, the paint (if you choose to paint yours, that is) probably won’t be dry in an afternoon. Still, though…waiting for paint to dry doesn’t really count as “working” on a project, right? So, technically, one could still build these bookshelves in an afternoon easily.

Pallet Art

We know it might not seem normal to use secondhand pallet boards to create artwork…but why not? Wood art is beautiful. This project will literally take you minutes, or at the very most an hour. Simply cut some pallet boards about the same height, attach them together as shown in the tutorial, and paint on your basic art. Bam! Pallet art. Or, as we’d like to start calling it, “Pallart.”

Pallet Garden

Flowers! Gardens! Live, living things! Not only is this organically lovely, but it’s a functional use of vertical space as well. Simply staple a double layer of weed barrier to the back of a pallet and plant your plants. What a rewarding activity for a sunny afternoon.

Pallet Bench

This tutorial is not specifically geared toward using pallet boards, but once you remove some of the boards from a wooden pallet, the project is identical. Simply attach the boards together and add some posts as legs. Quite a quick project, and with a bit of stain and a couple of coats of sealant (again, dry time isn’t included in the “done in an afternoon” claim here…forgive us), you’re in business with a new fabulous bench!

via  homedit