If you want to have a trouble free, relaxing RV season this summer, grab a notepad and keep reading. The DIY camping hacks below will show you how to make the most of your camping experience. You learn how to deal with everything from repelling pests to storage and organization.

1. RV Trash Can

2. Panty Hose Soap Holder

Throw a bar of soap into an old pair of panty hose and tie it on a tap. This simple camping hack will keep your soap clean and prevent you from transferring germs.

3. Front Seat Bunk bed

Are you camping with kids? Make them a PVC bunk bed in the front of seat of your RV or tow vehicle. The kid’s bunk bed is suspended using nylon straps or rope. It’s a simple place for your kids to hang out.

4. Repair Wood Veneer

If the wood veneer in your RV has loosened over time, all you need to repair it is some wood glue and a syringe. Simply squirt the wood glue into the damaged area using the syringe then wait for it to dry.

5. Homemade Tank Cleaner

Mix a cup of dish soap and ½ cup of Calgon water softener to create an effective, cheap waste tank cleaner.

6. Keep Addresses and Contact Phone Numbers Within Sight

Get a dry erase board and stick it somewhere convenient. Write down the name, site number, phone number and address of any campground you stay at as soon as you arrive there. In case of an emergency, having this information available for the paramedics will help them get to you faster.

7. Hang String Lights Off Your Awning Using Badge Holder Clips

8. A Tension Rod Helps Keep Bathroom Products in Place

9. Use Square Containers

Purchase square containers for storing items in your RV. They stack better as compared to round ones that bump into each other and waste space.

10. Hate Squished Tissue boxes?

Purchase a potluck size plastic container and cut a small piece out of the bottom of the container. Insert the Kleenex box into the container upside down and cover with the lid. Flip the container over, and no more smashed Kleenex boxes.

11. Hold Black Out Curtains in Place With Velcro

12. Prevent Heat Loss by Adding a Cushion to Your Ceiling Vent

13. Make an Awning Track Hanger Using Para-Cord.

14. Pine-sol Fly Repellent

Soak a rag in a 50:50 solution of water and Pine-sol and use it to keep flies away.

15. Bubble wrap insulation

Camping in the cold? Use bubble wrap with as large bubbles as you can find to insulate your camper.

16. Use Command Hooks To Hang Curtains

17. No Mess Scrambled Eggs

Avoid washing a bowl by mixing eggs in an empty bottle.

18. Update Your RV Floor With Stick on Vinyl Flooring

Does your RV suffer from old, outdated flooring. Simply cover the old with peel and stick vinyl floor planks. This easy to install product can be easily cut with a utility knife.

19. Shoe Organizers For More Than Shoe Storage

Got some shoe organizers but don’t know how to use them? Cut them up and use them around your bed.

Or use them in the shower for storage.

20. Soap keeps Mice Away

Are there mice near where you are camping? Keep Irish spring soap in your RV. Apparently, mice don’t like how it smells.

21. Hold Items in Place With Non-Slip Liners in Your Drawers and Shelves

22. Improve Safety at Night with Glow-in-The-Dark Light Strips

23. Save Your Condiments

Condiments come in handy when camping, so don’t throw them out when you get take out. Save them in a little container and take them while on an RV trip. They take up a lot less space than full size containers.

24. Pet Flea Collars Keep Wasps Away

Got wasps? Cut up some pet flea collars and place them around your propane tanks. Wasps love the smell of propane.

25. Pool Noodles Prevent Head Injuries

Cut a foam pool noodle lengthwise and place it over your awning rail. Trust me, your forehead will thank you.

26. Need to Dry Some Laundry?

Plan on doing laundry while out on the road? Hang a tension rod in the shower for an convenient place to dry your clothes.

27. Increase Comfort with an Anti-Fatigue Mat

Spend 15-20 dollars on an anti-fatigue mat for your bunk space to make it more comfortable.

28. Press n’ Seal Turns any Cup into a Travel Cup

29. Reupholster your RV Furniture  –  No Sewing Required!

Want to reupholster your furniture but aren’t too keen on sewing? Get the instructions HERE.

30. A Collapsible Laundry Basket Makes an Easy Campsite Garbage Can

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