We have seen how to reuse old picture frames, old pennies, how to do makeover of your garden. Now its time to see something else. So we have collected some of the best ways to upcycle Bottle Caps. These DIY ideas are in your budget as we are sure you can find someone willing to let bags and bags of bottle caps go for free or for a minimal price. With bottle caps you can decorate old tables, can make wind chimes, wreath and wall art.

1) DIY Bottle Cap Bar Top

2) DIY Bottlecap Rings

3) DIY Bottlecap Earrings

4) Unique Bottlecap Tray

5) Adorable Mini DIY Bottlecap Pies

6) Simple and Easy DIY Bottlecap Necklace

7) Bottlecap Organizers

8) Easy and Quick DIY Battle Candles

9) DIY Battle Cap Table

10) Bottle Cap Mirror

11) Bottle Cap Chair Makeover

12) Bottle Cap Hangings

13) Bottle Cap Wall Art

14) Bottlecap Coasters

15) Bottle Cap Showpiece

16) DIY Bottle Cap Roof Decoration

17) Bottle Cap Wall Mirror

18) Owl Art Metal Bottle Caps

19) Plant stake flower

20) Tic Tac Toe game

21) Chakra trivets

22) Photo thumbtacks and magnets

23) Flower card

24) Backsplash

25) Bottlecap table runner

26) Keep calm shadow box

27) Bottle cap mural

28) Colorful capped out chair

29) Adorable miniature gardens

30) Furniture decoration

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