Plants have always had a funny way of sneaking on us, inserting themselves into our lives whether we have wanted them or not. In the end we choose to include them in our lives and to enjoy nature’s wonders in the most simple manner possible: by adding hanging planters to our small balcony or garden. The most surprising and beautiful examples of DIY hanging planters come in small packages, in see shells or light bulbs, creating thus unusual combinations and unique pieces suitable for all sorts of designs and tastes. We invite you to make your own design and take part in the creation process. It will empower the end product and make it your own, perfectly tailored to your needs and desires.

1.Light bulbs transformed into hanging planters 

2.Adding plants to a chandelier might be a creative idea for your garden

3.A beautiful succulent sphere perfect for any interior or exterior design

4.Recycling soda containers into hanging planters

5.PVC pipes as succulents planters

6.Cast iron pulley with buckets in a flowery equilibrium

7.Wooden wall planter

8.Recycling old tires into colorful planters

9.Birdcage in a romantic composition

10.A large yellow trellis as a plant display

11.Old funnels reused

12.Tin cans repainted and placed in cascade

13.Mason jars and knitted support

14.Car tire, pastel tones and flowers in a fresh composition

15.Small wooden crates as hanging planters

16.Vertical planter combining wood metal and old mason jars

17.Snail shell tiny gardens

18.Iron kettle repurposed in your backyard

19.Old chandeliers transformed on your patio

20.Hanging baskets filled with green life

21.Motorcycle fenders recycled

22.A cascade of greenery

23.Sea shells containing small life

24.Horse halter & galvanized bucket offering flower shelter

25.Straws and thread in a colorful combination

26.Old spoons succulents scoops

27.White painted gutter containing plants

28.Wine bottles hanging garden

via  homesthetics

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