People have come up with some interesting, yet creative ways of recycling their old furniture into some of the most beautiful garden decorations. Using old pianos, broken pots, and anything else really. All it takes is a little hard work and dedication, but it’s definitely possible to create your own enchanted garden. One of the amazing things about using these old furnishings as decorations is that the sky is the limit. There is no end to the possibilities of what you could create with the rusting bathtub you have lying around. Or even an old, but stunning bed frame with flowers adorned all over the fixtures. Instead of having silk and lace, you could have vines as drapes with a menagerie of flowers spread out all over the vines! Who knew this would be a good way to recycle?

1. Grassy Bed

2. Flowery Cello

3. Dresser Menagerie

4. Succulent Chair

5. Stunning Flower “Bed”

6. Fairytale Flower “Bed”

7. Typewriter Flowers

8. Bathtub Full of Flowers

9. Grassy Dining Table

10. Shopping Cart Greenery

11. Stunning Master Flower “Bed”

12. Dresser Greenery

13. Couch Flowers

14. Sewing machine stand made into a planter

15. Repurposed Headboard into a Flower Bed

16. Metal bed frame as trellis

17. Mini greenhouse from windows

18. Old bench into a planter

19. Turn and old computer desk into a tiered planter for your garden or patio

20. Vintage door garden decor and planter

21. Antique Sewing Table Planter

22. Old wicker chair into planter

23. Old drawers into planters

24. Grassy computer chair

25. Vintage lockers planters

26. Sofa Flower Bed

27. Grassy deck chair

28. Antique closet planter

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