Time to drink more wine! These easy upcycling projects will make sure your corks don’t go to waste.

1. Stamps
Draw a motif on the end of your cork, then cut out around it, about a 1/4” deep. Slowly, steadily, and carefully!

2. Thread Spool Corks
Wrap wooden spools with colorful thread, glue them to corks, and you’ve given the usual wine stopper a quick upgrade.

3. Wreath
Attach corks all over a straw wreath using hot glue. Start with a flat layer, then add some slanted corks on top.

4. Magnetic Cork Planters
Hollow out a cork, stick a magnet on the back, plant it with some dirt and a tiny succulent, and voilà!

5. Cork Ball
Paint a Styrofoam ball, then use a hot glue gun to cover it in corks.

6. Key Chains
Put a screw eye onto a keychain ring, then screw it into a cork. That’s it!

7. Coasters
Cut corks in half lengthwise, glue them to a circular cork sheet, flip it over and cut away excess cork, then sand out the edges.

8. Cork Letter
Glue the corks to a letter base. Cut corks to fit into any remaining gaps.

9. Placecard Holders
Cut a sliver off the edge of the cork so it will lie flat on its side, then cut a slit along the top.

10. Trivet
Super easy to make — just glue together wine corks with super glue until you have the desired size.

11. Bathmat
Cut corks in half and glue them to a shelf liner.

12. Plant Marker
Write a plant name onto the cork, drill a hole, insert a bamboo skewer, and stick it in the dirt.

13. Cheese Knives
Remove the handle from a cheese knife, cut a little slit in the tip of a cork, and stick it on the edge of the knife.

14. Cork Candles
Stick these candle toppers into old bottles for awesome and easy dinner party decor.

15. Cork Candle Votives
Or if you don’t want your corks melting, make cork-filled votives instead. Place a small glass cylinder inside a large one, fill the empty space with corks, insert a candle, and you’re good to go.

16. Simple Cork Necklace
Some simple jewelry hardware can turn corks into neckwear.

17. Embroidered Cork Necklace
Or if you’re feeling ambitious, cut corks into little disks, embroider around the edges, and attach with a felt backing to create a colorful necklace.

18. Wine Corkboard
Spray-paint a frame and hot glue corks in a zigzag pattern within it.

19. Champagne Cork Knobs
Replace knobs with champagne corks to add some character to your home decor.

20. Wine Charms
Cut wine corks into little slivers, make a hole with a nail, stencil on letters or numbers, thread a wire hoop through your cork, and you’re ready for cocktail hour.

21. Lampshade
Use hot glue to cover an old lampshade with corks.

22. Fridge Magnets
Just cut your corks in half, glue magnets to the bag, and voilà! Use them to stick notes and photos to your fridge.

23. Animal Sculptures
Bend clothing hangers into the shape of an animal, wrap the frame with newspaper, then use hot glue to cover it with corks.

24. Cork Pen
Drill a hole through corks and slide them over a pen. Simple as that!

25. Journaling
A DIY easy enough for the least crafty among us: Write the date, location, dining companion — whatever you’d like — to commemorate the night.

via architecturendesign