It’s time to decorate your home with some distinctive materials. Colored glass and sea glass may be what you are finding. They can be used widely both interior and outdoors. Colored glass can make your home more colorful and sea glass can create a seaside feeling for you but just in your home. For example, you can pave a path with sea glass in your yard but the sea glass can make it like a blue river flowing in your yard. How wonderful it is! And the sea glass can also give better quality for your interior house wall.

1. Colored glass being used to fill the gap between paving stones

2. Driftwood and colored glass garden sculpture

3. Sea Glass, Wire and Wood Sun Catcher

4. A bird bath table displays colorful sea glass

5. Garden stepping stones add colored glass

6. Colored glass mulching can spruce up your yard

7. A Dresser decorated with sea glass

8. Wine Bottle Night Light

9. Sea Glass Crafts Window Hanging

10. Garden Treasure Jars

11. DIY colored glass wind chime

12. Fire Pit with Colored Glass

13. Sea Glass Mosaic Wreath

14. Stained Glass Door

15. Sea Glass Frame

16. String sea glass to a branch for a beautiful mobile

17. Colored glass Candle Holders

18. Sea glass window

19. Glass pebble fountain

20. Seashell & Sea Glass topiaries

21. Sea Glass Monogram

22. Beach Glass Mason Jar Lantern

23. An old table was made over with a sea glass mosaic

24. Sea glass ornament

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