Are you also a Lego fan? Parents love to buy Lego kits for their children. We can give you N number of reasons on ‘Why you should introduce Legos to your kids’. Lego are very fun to play with but you can make something useful out of them as well.If your question is what to do with so many old Lego? Don’t worry as always we are here to help you. Try these fun Lego DIY projects with your kids to keep them occupied on weekends. Just be ready to tickle your creativity and imagination power.

1) Phone Recharging Holder

2) Cute Cable Holder from Lego

3) DIY key holder

4) Clever handmade calendar

5) Lego pencil holder

6) Girls try this Lego clutch

7) Great Lego wall decoration

8) Make handmade Lego jewelry – Necklace

9) Lego jewelry – Rings

10) Handmade Earring and Studs

11) Lego photo frame

12) Make some home decor like this lamp

13) Upgrade your wardrobe with this innovative belt

14) Creative DIY snow globe

15) Lego Christmas tree

16) Give hamster a handmade Lego shelter

17) Oh ya.. For you little bird too. This DIY Lego bird house.

18) This adorable Lego flower pot

19) Ladies you have to try these unique DIY Lego shoes

20) This DIY LEGO chess game board

21) Build a Lego Candy Dispenser

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