Those four rubber tires that make your car go round won’t last forever, unfortunately they don’t even really last all that long. At least every few years you have to buy a new set of tires, at which point your bulky old tires become toxic waste. As mounds upon mounds of tires sit decomposing in landfills they leak toxic chemicals into the surrounding ground, which has long-term consequences for the environment and its fragile eco-systems, ours included. You can help reduce waste in landfills by reusing things instead of simply throwing them away, even the old tires on your car can be salvaged into something super cool.

1. Tire Dog Bed

2. Tire Chandelier

3. Pretty Mirror Frame Made From Bicycle Tire

4. Tire Swings

5. Entire Garden Furniture Set Made From Tires

6. This Subwoofer Is All About That Tire Bass…

7. Tire Tea Cup Planters

8. Fancy Tire And Yarn Ottoman You Got There!

9. Tire Armchair

10. Intricate Industrial Lighting Made From Tires

11. Tire And Yarn Planter

12. Minion Tire Scarecrow

13. Outdoor Patio Table Base

14. 1 Tire, 2 Hammocks!

15. Hanging Planters

16. Tire Garden Stairs

17. Golden Tire Coffee Table

18. Recycled Tire Recycling Bins

19. Umbrella Stand Made From Tire

20. If You’re Feeling Rather Ambitious You Can Make A Whole House Out Of Tires

21. Tire Donuts Display

via earthporm