Today we have approached a subject which has its own hint of uniqueness and unconventional: DIY Repurposed Bathtubs Projects. Unusual and appealing for some of us, these projects might not be everyone`s cup of tea as they are difficult to integrate in a conventional setting. Nonetheless, we find strange projects very appealing as they tell a story of our individuality, of our taste.
1. Turquoise and shades of pink look very retro

2. Black & White with a touch of orange charm  

3. A Flower Bed

4. In small portions come beautiful things

5. There are two sides to everything

6. A Patio Bench

7. Retro chic in contrasting tones  

8. A Bathtub Liqueur Ice Cooler 

9. For Summer Party 

10. A unconventional Bar Setup

11. Mosaic Flower Pot

12. A colorful Couch

13. One of a kind Chairs

14. Outdoor sofa

15. Redux Tub Chaise – Modern Antiquity

16. A Bathtub Pond

17. Bath tub planter

18. Clawfoot Bathtub Couch

19. Vintage bath tub planter

20. Beautiful French Settee

via homesthetics , pinterest

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