Are your old vinyl records no longer working? Are they just taking up space in your shelves? Before you consider throwing them away, you might want to check out these ideas on how to repurpose your vinyl records into interesting decorations for your home.

1. Clock

 All you need for this is a clock and a vinyl record. Cut the record into any design you like then add the parts of a clock to it. You can add embellishments such as numbers for you to better tell the time in your new vinyl record clock.

2. Coasters

You can cut shapes on your old vinyl records to create coasters for your drinks. Don’t forget to finish your coasters with Mod Podge for longer use.

3. Vinyl bowls

Apply some heat to your old vinyl records to shape them into bowls and use them as decorative pieces on your table whenever you have a party or as accents to your home.

4. Butterfly decor

Fancy seeing butterflies at home? Cut the shape of butterflies from your old records and arrange them on your bedroom wall. No need to waste money on buying wall decors.

5. Wall art

Just because you’re no longer listing to your old records it doesn’t mean that they’re no longer useful. As a matter of fact, even a broken record can be used as artwork to decorate your otherwise bare wall. Let your creativity lose with this one.

6. Side table

Fancy having a side table made from an old record? This is quite easy to make. All you need is your old vinyl, some glue, and a side table and that’s it. Just install the old vinyl record on top of your side table and voila! You now have a record side table to use.

7. Vintage cake plate

Another great idea for old vinyl records is to transform them into vintage cake plates. You need to apply acrylic on both sides of the records so they can be easily cleaned. The best thing about this design is that you can swap the records to fit your party’s theme.

8. Personalized notebook

Customize your notebook or journal by using vinyl records as their cover. Cut the record into the shape of your notebook, paste them on both sides, and there you have it. You’re very own vinyl record notebook or journal.

9. Decorative lamp

Stack your old records to create a base for your lamp. Add a body to it to hold the light and add lamp shade. This is a fun and easy way to convert your old vinyl records into something useful in your home.

10. Purse

Old vinyl records plus vintage dress? You can make your own customized purse. Use the vinyl records to create the base and sides of the bag, add the vintage dress to create an enclosure, and some vintage handles. You now have a vintage purse that you can show off to your friends.

11. Bookends

This is a DIY project that best suits book lovers. If you want to add a punch to your otherwise boring book ends, convert your old vinyl records into bookends themselves. They will look much better on your shelves.

12. Picture frame

This one is perfect for any household. It’s creative and fun to do plus you get to put your family pictures on display using stylish vintage records.

13. Magazine holder

Vinyl records can also be converted into a magazine holder. You just need to melt them together to create your own design. For sure, they will not only hold your magazines in one place but they’ll also add decorative value to your space.

14. Wine holder

Are you looking for a fun and artsy wine holder? How about your old vinyl records? Again, some heat will be needed to mold your vinyl records into a wine holder but this will surely give your wine bottles a more interesting look.

15. Jewelry

DIYers will definitely love this last idea on how to recycle old vinyl records. You can actually create jewelry out of old vinyl by shaping them into pendants, earrings, and even rings if you’re that good with crafting.

These are just a few examples on what you can do with your old vinyl records. All you need is some creativity, craft materials, and time and you’ll be able to convert your old vinyl records into awesome decorative pieces.

via  ideadigezt