Washi tape is the newest and cutest crafts material from Japan to hit the United States. They come in different colors, prints, patterns and sizes for all your crafts needs. Because of their bright and dainty designs, one cannot help but be inspired to have a little do-it-yourself project at home. There are so many things you can use these tapes with – from scrapbooking, decorating and other creative DIY ideas you could make to liven up your home. If you don’t know where to start, just check out these quirky ideas below to get you started.

1. Colorful Switch and Socket Plates

If you want to add a bit of color into your home, decorate your switch and socket plates with washi tape. Not only will it liven it up, the colors from the tape makes it easy for you to see where the sockets and switches are.

2. Turn Simple Glasses Into Pretty Candle Votives

Looking for a unique way to hold your candles for those dinners and parties at home? Then why not make one yourself. Get a nice glass you prefer to put the candles in and wrap it with washi tape. Choose two different designs and alternately cover it around the glass for a more unique look.

3. Cellphone Case

Tired of the same old boring cellphone case? Dress it up with washi tape for that customized feel. Not only is it cheaper but the design is more personal since you did it and chose it yourself.

4. Turn Soda Bottles Into Flower Vases

Recycling is one of the ways you could help Mother Earth. So why not start doing this and repurpose the used soda bottles (whether glass or plastic) in your home home and turn them into beautiful vases? Wrap it with washi tape to make it more lively and exquisite. You could use the soda bottle vases as a centerpiece for your kitchen or even as unique planters in your garden.

5. Laptop Cover

If you’re looking for a way to personalize your laptop, then the washi tape comes to the rescue. Simply wrap the entire cover of your latptop with washi tape to make it unique. An added advantage is that you wouldn’t have a hard time figuring out your own in an office full of the same laptop model, yours would simply (and literally!) stand out!

6. Decorate Your Door

Say goodbye to boring bedroom doors with washi tape. Choose 4 or 5 different designs and stick it up on your door for a quirky look.

7. Give Your Keyboard A Face Lift

Extend your creativity to your keyboard and use washi tape to cover the keys and customize it to your liking.

8. Add Life To A Boring Notebook or Journal

Customize a boring notebook with washi tape to bring it to life and inspire you to write more.

9. Redecorate A Lamp Shade

Turn your good old bedside lamp shade into something more modern with the use of washi tape. You can opt to choose one design to cover everything or you could mix and match different patterns for a distinctive look.

10. Cover Up A Planter

You could also use the tape to decorate your planters inside your home to make it more aesthetically appealing to the eye.

11. Colorize A Table

No IKEA near your home? No problem! Hack your way into an IKEA furniture with washi tape and start covering your table top from one edge to the other with these colorful tapes.

12. Make Your Ceiling Fan Look Unique

If you have added washi tape to your table then why not do it to your ceiling fan as well? Not only will it make it distinctive, but every time you switch it on, you get treated to a rainbow colored blur that could make the heat more bearable.

13. Design A Candle

Wrap tape around candles and make it the centerpiece of your dining table.

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