Looking for a Father’s Day gift your dad will love? Shopping for Pop can be tricky. Get inspired by these amazing Dad-approved DIY Father’s Day gift ideas, perfect for every type of father.

For the Backyard Barbecue Enthusiast

Does your dad end every conversation with an invitation to come over and cook out? If so, he’d love a beer garden.

For the Campfire-Loving Dad

If dad’s a fan of s’mores around the campfire (who isn’t?), give him that smoky outdoor setting he loves by building a budget firepit.

For the Minimalist Dad

If dad claims he really doesn’t want anything, keep in mind that a personalized message of gratitude and appreciation is a sure way to brighten his Father’s Day. Make him smile with this wood veneer card.

For the Well-Groomed Dad
If his shirt is always tucked in and his beard is always groomed, there’s a good chance that dad will love a classy men’s soap. This espresso and bourbon vanilla soap recipe is the luxurious Father’s Day gift you’ve been searching for.

For the Handy Dad

Every handyman needs a good tool storage system, but your dad deserves loving words and wishes too!

For the Proud Family Man

If you’ve heard more than enough family stories to write an epic, there’s a good chance that pop is pretty proud of his heritage. Help him show it in a beautiful way, by giving him a family history monogram.

For the Dad Who’s a Softie

Daddy loves his little princess, so what could be better than a memorable piece of wall decor made from a family picture.

For the Businessman

Give dad a gift he can use in the office and show off to co-workers, like this vintage style business card holder.

For the Dad Who Always Mans the Grill

Even though he feels most at ease when he’s got a spatula in his hand and an apron hung around his neck, a cloud of pesky bugs can ruin dad’s backyard grilling fantasy. Keep up your dad’s good spirits with this DIY citronella candle.

For the Gardening Buff

If your father is happiest after a long day in the dirt, give him a useful gift that perfectly fits his lifestyle, with homemade softening hand scrub.

For the Gamer Dad

For the most strategic chess player you know, turn a thrift store side table into a permanent game table. Dad will be double pleased if you offer to break it in together with a Father’s Day chess game.

For the Snappy Dresser

If dad has more ties than he can count, turn some of the ones he never wears into nostalgic and unique decor fit for a true gentleman.

For the Tidy Techy

You can assume that a tech savvy dad will usually find himself surrounded by piles of cords and wires. To help your dad bring a little easy order to his tech equipment, make a collection of simple-to-use cork and bungee ties, so that he’ll always have one on hand.

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