One of the earliest lessons we are taught is to recycle. Why not make the lesson stick by working it into your children’s play time? These toys are not only fun, but will teach them to be kind to our planet!

1. Bubble Blower
Make bubbles with a Gatorade bottle!

2. Toilet Paper Roll Train
Get your child’s “train of thought” to think of recycling as a fun activity!

3. Soda Bottle Jet Pack
Let their imagination soar!

4. Ball Maze

5. Plastic Bag Jump Rope
Finally, a purpose for the bags we waste so much!

6. Upcycled Dragon Puppet

7. Cardboard Swords
Combat boredom with swords!

8. Toilet Paper Roll Race Cars
Send your kids off to the races!

9. Bottle Cap Snake
The cutest reuse of bottle caps ever!

10. Turtle Bank
Who needs a piggy bank when you can have a turtle bank!

11. Cardboard Kitchen
Help your kids get their imaginations cooking!

12. Sock Monkey
Make a monkey with mismatched or unwanted socks!

via diply