Looking for a budget-savvy way to update your home decor? Industrial-looking concrete is an inexpensive and versatile way to add urban flair to your home. We gathered a variety of projects for you to try, including concrete countertops, planters, and more!

Concrete Vanity Top
A DIY concrete countertop adds sleek and modern appeal to any bathroom design. To make the vanity top, pour the concrete to the actual size of the piece of furniture being used, making sure to leave holes for the plumbing to go through.

Concrete Table Legs
A beautiful stained wood plank and pre-poured concrete legs easily come together to make an all-purpose accent table. The juxtaposition of the natural wood and rugged concrete gives the DIY table a unique, creative look.

Concrete Shelves
Long, narrow slabs of concrete make the ideal option for a DIY shelving wall due to their ability to withstand wear and tear. Our tip? Be sure to use brackets that can hold the weight of the heavy material.

Concrete Countertops
The durability and weathered aesthetic of concrete countertops make them a highly popular choice for kitchen design. The trick to installing these countertops on your own is to cast the concrete into the actual size of the countertop instead of in a form on the ground. When thoroughly dry, buff and seal the concrete to finish.

Concrete Edge Planters
Give your garden a unique and industrial look with our eye-catching homemade concrete planters. Not only can the DIY outdoor project be pulled together in just three steps, but the design can also be made using any type of concrete edging, leaving you to choose any that fits your style.

Painted Concrete Rug
Add color and excitement to your outdoor living space with a painted DIY rug. Start with an open patio or other concrete surface, then paint a pattern of your choosing using acrylic paint and clear concrete sealer.

Concrete Bench
Large slabs of concrete create the perfect outdoor bench due to their durability and ability to withstand the weather. Adorn the simple design with potted plants and other greenery; a pillow made with indoor-outdoor fabric adds softness to the space.

Concrete Outdoor Room
Turn to cinderblocks as a creative way to pull together a quick and easy concrete project. Not only do the pre-poured blocks turn into outdoor tables and benches easily, but the built-in holes are the perfect DIY planters.

Concrete Fire Pit
Purchased tumbled concrete pavers easily transform into an outdoor fire pit. Create a base by paving an entire section of outdoor space with the concrete pavers, then build walls around where you want the fire pit to be. The concrete will protect the rest of the space from the fire.

Concrete Coffee Table
Two large pieces of concrete is all it takes to create your own homemade coffee table — one for the base, and one for the top. To give the table a more decorative look, color and chips of metal, glass, and stone can be added to the concrete mix.

Concrete Fireplace
A sleek concrete fireplace is the perfect option for a modern look in your living room or den. Use concrete to frame the fireplace opening and add a mantel that follows the entire length of the wall for an elegant and modern look.

Concrete Fountain
Concrete is the ideal material for outdoor decorations due to its weatherability and solid nature. Create your own fountain by filling a circular concrete basin with water and river rocks.

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