Mati Karmin is an Estonian artist who uses old marine mines to create wonderful sculptural furniture pieces. With great delight, he has concocted utility articles of diverse forms, resulting in armchairs, writing desk, bed, toilet, cupboard, bathtub, swing even baby carriages. By the hand of the artist the militaristic metallic scrap has become the design furniture of remarkably modern appearance. He has added to the scrap metal the beautiful hand-treated copper details, metal mesh, perfect, leather upholstery and granite and glass surfaces, thus consciously increasing the semantic contradiction of objects. Mine furniture is by no means scrap furniture in its usual meaning; it is carefully designed and appreciated by handwork. Here we have works of art that are not just sculptures or pieces of furniture but both at the same time.



Bar cabinet




Coffee table

Davenport table

Office chair – Boss

Armchair “Relax”

Air humidifying fountain


Grill oven

Baby carriage


via  marinemine

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