Photo canvases make wonderful wall art. Many people find the end result very rewarding, yet very pricey. It used to be that if you wanted your photo on canvas, you had to have it professionally done.Well here is a very clever DIY method to achieve that same canvas picture look for practically nothing. It’s actually very simple to do and does not take much time. Matter of fact, once you get the hang of this you might become addicted and turn several more of your photos into canvas wall art!

In this video you will be shown step by step how to create your own photo canvas. All you need is a canvas, a photo, mod podge, paint, and a brush. You simply paint the edges with the color you choose, mod podge the canvas and then place the photo on it. You then put more mod podge over the photo and let it dry. That’s pretty much it! Compare your professionally done photo canvas with your DIY one and you will see that going the DIY route is not only comparable, but much more enjoyable!