We love it when people take something that is inexpensive and simple in design and give it a wham-bam makeover that we can replicate in our own homes. Here we take a look at 9 different IKEA hacks to help you pimp up the IKEA LATT children’s table and chair set.

Pretty patterns

Geometric patterns show no sign of abating as an interior design trend. The use of the black and white patterned cushion against the gorgeous pastel mint triangles will see this piece integrating perfectly in the contemporary home.

Colour me happy

Here, an abundance of colour breathes life into a simple table and chairs set. The half circles were created using vinyl, but you could paint them on just as easily. We think this gorgeous piece would take pride of place in a playroom!

Going places

The world at your child’s disposal? Now that is cool! This mamma used vintage-style wrapping paper, applied with glue to the table top. She then sealed it with acrylic spray, ready for her little tots to share their art with the world.

Chalk it up

One of the biggest home styling dilemmas that parents have is how to incorporate kid friendly furniture into family living spaces. This hack sees the IKEA LATT painted bright yellow to contrast with the monochrome rug. The addition of the chalkboard should see kids entertained leaving mummy finish her cup of tea before it goes cold.

Lego lovers

Lego lovers will go cuckoo for this IKEA table that has been hacked to serve as a Lego playstation. Simply glue some Lego base plates on top of your table. This would work with IKEA LATT or LACK table.

Artist’s station

Art lovers will go gaga for this fantastic IKEA hack. Here, a clever bunny has turned the IKEA LATT table into an artist’s station complete with a roll of MALA drawing paper. The attached BYGEL containers store pencils, textas and other art equipment neatly and in hand’s reach.

Cushioned comfort

Whip out that hot glue gun, pick out your favourite fabric scraps and VOILA – in one arvo you’ll have yourself a gorgeous new set of LATT chairs to keep those little tooshies comfy.

Double dipping

Take the process for the re-upholstered chairs above and add to that some painted dipped chair legs…  your little Miss will be swooning for this modern makeover.

Light it up

Who needs to turn on the lights when you have an IKEA LATT table… say what?

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