We put together a fun tutorial for you: DIY Totoro Plush. The pattern is more simple and the materials are cheap and easy to find.  The finished plush will be 6.5″ wide and 8″ tall (not including ears or arms). We hope you find this tutorial enjoyable and make a Totoro plush for yourself or as a gift!  To make your own Totoro, keep reading…

Materials you Will Need
1.Pattern:  Download PDF Pattern and  Big smiling mouth pattern
2.Pen or Chalk Pencil
3.Felt:  1 Sheet of Black, 1 White, 1 Beige, 3 Gray
5.Thread:  Black, White
6.1 Needle
9.Poly-fil Stuffing


Step 1.  Download the Totoro Pattern (See materials) and print it out

Step 2.  Cut out templates and trace onto cardstock.  It makes tracing on felt easier.  If possible, print directly on cardstock to skip this step (I did this)

Step 3.  Cut out cardstock templates:

Step 4.  Trace templates on felt with pen or chalk pencil:

Step 5.  Cut out belly, eyes, nose, and belly marks directly on traced line:

Step 6.  Pin 2 sheets of gray felt (for body) inside traced line before cutting.  Cut out pieces leaving 1/4 inch seam allowance.  Do the same for the ears, arms, and tail:

Step 7.  Sew marks onto the belly with black thread using a basic or whip stitch

Step 8.  Sew pupil on eyes with black thread using a basic or whip stitch:

Step 9.  Pin belly onto body and sew it on with white thread using a basic or whip stitch:

Step 10.  Sew eyes onto body with white thread

Step 11.  Sew nose onto body with black thread:

Optional:  Sew on a small mouth using black embroidery floss with a stem or split stitch.  Or sew on big mouth.

Step 12.  Sew ears on traced line leaving an opening at bottom for stuffing.  Do the same for arms/tails leaving an opening at tapered end:

Step 13.  Turn pieces inside out and stuff each piece.  For the arms, put less stuffing towards the top:

Step 14.  Take the back side of body and place down.  Take the stuffed ears and place them upside down at the top of body.  Take the other side with the face and belly sewn on, and place it over the ears with the belly side facing down.  Align accordingly and pin pieces together:

Alternative:  You can also sew on the ears later by hand for better control of placement.

Step 15.  Sew body together by hand or machine, leaving an opening at the bottom.

Step 16.  Turn body inside out and stuff.  Put more stuffing towards the bottom, so it sits better:

Step 17.  Sew up openings on body, arms, and tails with black thread using a hidden stitch:

(Don’t worry about the bottom not looking so perfect since no one will really see it)

Step 18.  Sew arms and tails onto body using a whip or hidden stitch.  Place tail about 2″ above bottom seam, so plush sits on its own:

You’re Finished!

This what you should end up with:

 via cheekandstitch