Create this inexpensive industrial modern coffee table using an old pallet and a set of hairpin legs to outfit your living room in no time! This coffee table is perfect those that love to repurpose, apartment dwellers,  or those looking for extra storage space- the open sides are great for storing books and remotes! This project is conceptually pretty easy and can be completed in about an hour’s time!

pry bar (or you can use the back of your hammer)
set of four 12 or 14 inch hairpin legs (available from several online retailers)
clear varnish
paint brush

1. Start by modifying your pallet to your desired size. Saw down to size (or leave as is if your pallet is already the perfect size for your coffee table specifications!)

2. Remove and replace slats as needed. All pallets are made differently (and often with reused pieces of previous pallets) so they may have slats that are further spaced or closer together. If the slats are further apart you can take pieces off the excess that you cut off and place them into the open slats as above. Use a hammer to hammer out the slats and a crow bar to remove excess nails as needed. Be careful during this step as the pallet slats could break when you are hammering them off, especially if the wood is super dry. Use caution to remove the slats in one full piece!

3. Use a few extra slats (or cut a few pieces of wood if needed) to reinforce the bottom of the pallet. Ensure that you have 2 pieces of slats going across the bottom of the pallet at each end so that you have enough room to put on the hairpin legs.

4. Attach the hairpin legs by screwing one to each corner at the bottom of the pallet. You may want to pre-drill the holds prior to drilling the screws in place.

5. Lastly clear coat the table with a coat or two of varnish. Apply evenly and let dry for a few hours before bringing inside. Sanding down rough spots prior to varnishing is optional. Here we left the edges rough for an industrial look.

Once the varnish is dry your new coffee table is ready to come inside to it’s new home. Add a few books and a centerpiece for display!

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