Baguette Tables is a unique furniture design idea that reminds us about hungry people and tones of food that resorts, restaurants and supermarkets throw away every day. It is difficult to compare the amount of food waste today with that in the past, because we don’t have the historical data but we know that poor people in the past were hungrier, and if they grew food for themselves, knew the value of it. Where they did have waste food, it would often be fed to animals.

The furniture design project aimed to start a discussion about food waste and ways to reuse and recycle materials. Baguette Tables show that the materials to build from are all around us, waiting for innovative and creative mind to use it in modern design and decorating.

The tables were made from stale baguettes that were supposed to be thrown away. Stale baguettes do not look appetizing, but showcase meaningful design idea.

via lushome

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