Since 2004, the work of Veronika Richterová is set mostly in the field of art from plastic bottles.
According to the artist:“When I found out by chance, that plastic bottles could be deformed by heat I decided to create a sculpture from this material. Immediately, I had the idea that it could be called PET-art however, I took it only as one of my visual experimentations. I didn’t anticipate that plastic bottles would become such an obsession for me for many years. Since 2004 I have used thousands of bottles and have created hundreds of objects. In doing this work, I have developed many specific methods of technological processing.” Maybe you can experiment yourself in similar constructions.

1. Cactuses

2. Blue orchid

3. Water Lilies

4. Blue narcissus

5. Russulas

6. Red flowers (Venezuela)

7. Ikebana

8. Toad-stools

9. Cactus collection

10. Palm trees

11. Sakura

12. Roses

13. Jungle

14. Flowerage rauch

15. Lotuses

16. Fruit of Paradise

17. Aubergine tree

18. Magnolia

19. Mushrooms

20. Hairbels

21. Laccaria amethystea

22. Narcissus

23. Jacinth

via veronikarichterova