With the summer heat looming, your dog may find it difficult to keep themselves cool. One fantastic method is to feed them iced treats which is both fun for you and for them! We’ve handpicked 7 of our dogs’ personal favorites and outlined them below. These will keep your dog healthy, stimulated, cool and hydrated.

1. Blueberries & Banana Frosty Paws

Mix some blueberries, banana and natural yoghurt in a blender for a simple treat. All you gotta do is pop it into an ice-cube tray or doggy molds to make it even more fun. Leave to freeze for approx. 3-4 hours and voila, a simple & healthy dog treat that’s perfect for the Summer time.

Note that blueberries are  safe for your dog to eat however they should only be fed in small amounts to avoid an upset tummy. We’d recommend no more than 2-3 cubes per day.

2. Apple Cubes

This recipe consists of only two ingredients and could not be any more simple to make. You’ll need chicken broth and apples. Simply chop up your apples and dilute your low sodium chicken broth, mix together in an ice-tray and freeze. Simples!

3. Pupsicles!

Pupsicles are the best treat to sit back and relax with your dog in the sunny weather. This is similar to the first recipe (blueberries, banana & natural yoghurt) but with an added stick shaped treat. You can use empty yoghurt cartons or any other popsicle shaped containers to set your mixture in the freezer. Your dog will go wild for these!

4. Pumpkin Cubes

This is just 1 ingredient and that’s pumpkin, pumpkin in all it’s amazing glory. You’ll need 100% pumpkin either from a tin or puree your own, fill up your ice-tray and leave for a few hours. Not only is pumpkin full of vitamin E but it also helps with any upset tummies so it’s always good to keep some stashed away in the freezer!

5. Tropical Pupsicle

This sweet treat is made from banana, coconut water and coconut yoghurt. Completely mash your banana and add in the coconut water & yoghurt and leave to freeze in a paper cup. Once frozen (approx. 4 hours later) you can serve to your pooch in it’s bowl. This is super healthy and can be enjoyed by both pooch and human.

6. Broccoli Banana Cubes

Okay this one doesn’t sound all that appetizing but dogs seem to love it! Plus it’s super healthy! Just puree two bananas with broccoli until you get a soft mushy texture and then dish out in an ice cube tray. Leave to freeze and watch your dog devour. Being healthy has never been so much fun.

7. Ice Cake

And we saved the best for last… this is an epic treat that will keep your dog stimulated for hours. What does your dog like? Chicken broth? Peanut butter? Carrots? You can really have fun with this one, simply get a cake tin and fill it with chicken broth (again, low sodium). You can then play around and add treats, carrots, toys, tennis balls, the works! It will keep ‘em stimulated and entertained as they discover what’s hiding inside!

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